How he asked: Taylor and I were headed up for our annual Sedona trip sat morning while rocking out to a playlist T created of our songs! As some of you know I celebrate my birthday all month long so Taylor brought along two large boxes with my final birthday gifts in them. Rather than heading to breakfast ( like we planned) he turned and took me to Cathedral Rock ( a place we enjoy hiking) to give my my gift ( I was convinced it was hiking shoes) and he insisted I needed it for our whole Sedona trip!! I reluctantly climbed the mountain asking him a few times if we could go eat breakfast instead. ( I was hungry) When we got to our spot on the mountain I plopped down into the dirt to open my gift. ( this is where he got nervous and started asking awkward questions about what my goals are for the year)

The gift was an old school Polaroid camera! I stood up so he could take a photo of me, he placed that in his pocket to develop in the dark while I took a photo of him. He then took my photo out to show me how it turned out, only it wasn’t the pic of me but rather this photo featured ( of a dream box I bought him 2 years ago at powwow, it’s believed that if you write your dreams down and place them in the box they come true) At this point I was crying ( Taylor says he said a lot of romantic things here, but I was so caught up in the moment that I don’t remember) then he got down on one knee and asked me tomarry him! ( I’m holding the picture in the photo at that moment) After that he handed me a stack of Polaroid photos of our family members holding congratulations signs, and told me how much they all wished they could be part of our special day. A moment later while having our photo taken, I notice a man who looked just like my daddy walking up with a huge camera and a gopro in his hand! Turns out my dad was documenting the whole thing from afar! ( insert more happy tears ) I was super hungry and excited at this point so we scurried down the mountain! Little did I know at the bottom of the mountain was my mama, Taylor’s parents and his brother and sister in laws ( all the way from Switzerland) waiting to share the moment with us! Needless to say I was overwhelmed with excitement and so thankful everyone made such an effort to make me feel loved!